Jeff Quast

Python Engineer

Without a $JOB or $HOME

I left my $JOB at the end of 2019 after a year-long battle against an ever-expanding "open office" plan, where my personal productivity reached an all-time low. The sound dB levels exceeded those of a common restaurant, and Co2 levels so high as to cause air quality equipment to alert. That is not a kind environment for serious engineering and career growth, it most certainly only benefits the loudest. It enforces a "loud culture", where only the most abrasive employees benefit by an audience held hostage.

But more importantly, it caused a condition of anxiety that was new and terrifying for me. I am relieved for my future self that this condition was cured by leaving.

I'm a very happy person again, and all it took was a few hours of peace and quiet during my work day, especially during times of performing careful and difficult work (on many FOSS initiatives, since my depature). So if I have anyone's attention, I'd like to make one final plea for office space and quietude: don't wait for a pandemic to consider only the physical health of your employees. Take care of their mental health, too.

Today's economy demands that we spend more time at our $JOBS than with our families and friends, so in return, employers could please try to better consider the impact that their workplace environment has on the health of their employees.

Losing my $HOME

Shortly after my recovery from anxiety this spring, I lost my rental $HOME when my landlord decided they needed that space for their family due to the stay-at-home order. March was an especially difficult time to find a home, especially while unemployed, so I have relocated to stay with family.

Looking for work

I am effectively both unemployed and homeless -- Woah!

If you are employing, I am looking, and willing to relocate. Please take a look at my resume! I have about 19 years of Python and about 23 years of Linux experience.